• 1-Acapulco Chair
  • 2-Zara Pod Chair - White
  • 3-Royal Blue Key Tassel
  • 4-Kantha Quilts

Welcome to Cush & Nooks - turn your house into a home

"It is not until you add your own personal touch that a beautiful space truly becomes a home".

Cush & Nooks is a New Zealand based homewares store that provides beautiful pieces for your home 
and your life. We aim to bring you unique products and inspire you with a world of colour and pattern.

Products by a range of talented designers are handpicked from New Zealand and around the world.
We will be adding and updating our range all the time. Some of our products are limited editions -
once they're gone, that's it! If any of the items you're interested in are unavailable, contact me to
see whether or not I can get more in stock for you.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your shopping xxx